Any research of the Constructivism museum in Unit F consists of only original historical sources. We follow a one simple rule: any materials in the final project (exhibition or issue) must be confirmed, at least, by two of the five possible sources:
1. Official text documents
2. Personal text documents
3. Audiovisual materials
4. Verbal stories
5. Field surveys
You can see below a review of paper sources used for the historical research of the House for Gospromural specialists (21 Malysheva street).
Источник: ГАСО
Archive of the Ural regional department of the construction control in the Executive committee of the Ural council of labour, peasantry and Red army deputies (Uraloblstroykontrol)
Drawings signed by Ginzburg, Prokhorov and Pasternak, protocols of construction councils and the official correspondence of Uraloblstroykontrol addressed to the trust "Domgospromural" give a look how the project process of the dwelling complex, the construction of the site were provided, which resources were used and saved.
Source: State Archive of Sverdlovsk region (GASO).
Period: April 1929 - 1930
Источник: ГАСО
Photocollections of Surin and others
Facade pictures of the house are original pictures of postcards and also a part of collections of photo reporter in the newspaper "Ural worker" Leonid Surin, local historians Zlokazov, Man'kov and others.
Source: GASO.
Period: 1929 - 1980s
Archive of Construction department of the trust "Domgospromural"
Management books and the accounting of the trust "Domgospromural" give a look how the house construction, the personnel structure, the delivery of building materials were established.
Period: 21 May 1929 - 1931
Archive of House department №1 of the trust "Domtyazhpromural"
Management books, the accounting of the House department №1 include all the routine work inside the quarter of ulitsa Malysheva, ulitsa Khokhryakova, ulitsa Vseobuch (Popova) and ulitsa Sakko i Vanzetti: from personnel structure to landscaping and house maintenance.
Period: 11 September 1931 - 1957
Archive of Sverdlovsk mining institute
Annual reports, the accounting, management books, personal student files give a look of the daily routine of the mining institute dormitory located in the 1st block of the House for Gospromural specialists.
Period: September 1934 - 1950s
Archives of informants
Family photos, official telegrams and rental contracts give a look of the daily routine in blocks 2,3,4,5 of the House for Gospromural specialists and help to define the social structure of dwellers.
Period: 1931 - present
Investigation files of NKVD
Investigation files including bio facts of arrestee, search warrant, property list, personal documents, interrogation protocols, judgement, materials about exoneration give a look to unhappy lifes of arrested dwellers and represent the horrible history of Stalin repressions.
Period: 1934 - 1980s
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