Exhibition-research "First avant-garde's one in the urals. House for gospromural specialists in project by ginzburg, during construction and in stories of dwellers"

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On the frontier of 1920-1930s Sverdlovsk was under a huge construction. Chosen as a capital of the enormous Ural region and a centre for the industrialization it fully transformed during a few years. In early provincial town the construction of mass dwelling was started, but first of them built by the City Council were not fully experimental one: technologies were not new one, building plans borrowed ideas of pre-revolutinary apartment houses.
Researcher of the architecture of the 20th century from France Jean-Louis Cohen who visited Ekaterinburg in October 2017 called these houses as "constructivistic" and noticed that there is not a big amount of truly constructivist houses in Ekaterinburg. So, this house is one of them. House for Gospromural specialists on Malysheva str., 21 according to chronology, engineering ideas and apartment's plans became a first one in this topic. Dwellers moved into the house in 1931 while other objects were still under construction. Unfortunately, 1930s is the time of the new constructivist architecture and Stalin mass repressions both.
Different fragments of the historical mosaic combined in a complex archive research with three key parts - project (1928-1929), construction (1929-1931) and daily routine of first decades (1931-1957).
We have to admit the Sverdlovsk engineers of that time didn't have technological base and organisational experience to bring new architectural ideas to the end. But the time put all in place: avant-garde epoch, created a turning point in art, urban planning and architecture, was recognised as historical important one. And ideas of that time through decades are getting popular and successfully implemented.
Photographer: Ekaterina Svetlova

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