We have some collection of rare architectural and guide books and albums of 1930-1980s available for reading in the museum. Books are listed in the chronological order, then architectural series are presented. You can plan in advance what you want to see! Books marked SCAN have only the digital version.
Books before 1941
"Typical housing projects and constructions" by Barsch M., Velman V., Verezubov I., Vladimirov V., Ginzburg M., Gurevich M., Krasilnikov N., El Lissitzky, Orlovsky S., Pasternak A.
Moscow, 1931 (only photos of pages)
"Basics of the modern architecture. The second edition" by Chernikhov Y.
Leningrad, 1931 (only photos of pages)
Ural Soviet encyclopedia. Book 1. Russian letters "А,Б,В"
Sverdlovsk, 1933 (only scanning pages)
Palace of the Soviets. All-Union competition of year 1932
Moscow, 1933
Soviet pavilion at the international exhibition in Paris
Moscow, 1938
"Exhibition of works 1914-1939"
by Gegello A.
Leningrad, 1939
"Architecture and construction of the residential building of the Leningrad Soviet" by Levinson E., Fomin I.
Moscow, 1940
Books after 1941
Ilya Golosov. Posthumous exhibition of works
Moscow, 1946
"Architecture of the theatre"
by Barkhin G.
Moscow, 1947
"Architecture of workers clubs and palaces of culture" by Bykov V., Domshlak I., Kornfeld Y., Kulaga V., Maltsin I., Ostrovskaya S., Umanski N.

Moscow, 1953
"Essay on the history of the planning and development of Russian cities"
by Shkvarikov V.

Moscow, 1954
Equipment and furnish of premises of apartment houses
Moscow, 1954
"Planning and construction of cities" by Baburov V., Goldenberg P., Zalesskaya L., Lavrov V., Mischenko G., Polyakov N., Smirnov N., Sobolev D., Khauke M.
Moscow, 1956
"Leningrad metro stations" by Sokolov A.

Leningrad, 1957
"Pavilion of the USSR. World exhibition in Brussels 1958" by Polyanski A., Ratskevich Y.
Moscow, 1960
Furniture and equipment of new apartments
Moscow, 1960
Palace Of The Soviets. The materials of 1957-1959
Moscow, 1961
"Creative way" by Le Corbusier

Moscow, 1970
"Kalinina Prospekt" by Macarevich G.
Moscow, 1975
"Modulor. Mod 1 and mod 2"
by Le Corbusier
Moscow, 1976
"Boris Iofan" by Eigel I.
Moscow, 1978
Series "Architecture of the State of Soviets" (1948)
"Moscow metro" by Katsen I, Ryzhkov K.
Moscow, 1948
"Sports buildings" by Kollee N.
Moscow, 1948
"Theatres" by Kornfeld Y.
Moscow, 1948
"Sanatoriums and rest homes"
by Samoilov A.
Moscow, 1948
"Cinema buildings" by Scherbakov V.
Moscow, 1948
Guide books series "Architecture of USSR cities" (1948-1949)
"City Gorky" by Agafonov S.
Moscow, 1948
"Novosibirsk" by Aschepkov E.
Moscow, 1949
"Kharkiv" by Kasyanov A.
Moscow, 1949
"City Ufa" by Lermontov N., Sakhautdinova M.
Moscow, 1948
Series "New towns of USSR" (1958)
Moscow, 1958
Moscow, 1958
Moscow, 1958
Moscow, 1958
Moscow, 1958
Moscow, 1958
Moscow, 1958
Moscow, 1958
Series "Masters of architecture" (1969-1986)
"Mies van der Rohe" by Machulsky G.
Moscow, 1969
"Vesnin brothers" by Chinyakov A.
Moscow, 1970
"Andrey Ol" by Bykova G.
Leningrad, 1976
"Evgeny Levinson" by Ol G., Levinson E.
Leningrad, 1976
"Schusev A.V." by Afanasiev K.
Moscow, 1978
"Barkhin G.B." by Barkhina A.
Moscow, 1981
"Burov A.K." by Rzhekhina O., Blashkevich R., Burova O.
Moscow, 1984
"Lansere N.E." by Ol G., Lansere N.
Leningrad, 1986
"Oscar Niemeyer" by Khait V.
Moscow, 1986
Series "Biography of Moscow house" (1984-1986)
"Krivoarbatsky pereulok, 10"
by Khan-Magomedov S.
Moscow, 1984
"Ulitsa Tchaikovskovo, 25"
by Ivanova E., Katsnelson R.
Moscow, 1986
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