We made the series of exclusive souvenirs for the support of Constructivism museum in Unit F. You can see the items, make purchases, come to the official presentation in flat-unit F and use the option of the pickup in Moscow and Ekaterinburg!

Metal pin
"House for Gospromural specialists"
Size of pin 15Х32 mm, size of backdrop 96Х96 mm
Designer Dmitry Fatkhiev-Dolokhov creates the amazing collection of pins with key buildings of Ekaterinburg OLD-EKB. Our house is available now!

Sweatshirt of Constructivism museum
in Unit F
The fabrics applique, hand-made. Available sizes S, M, L. You can choose the type and the size in the order
The chief of the design bureau RFFORMA Inna Koroleva offered to make the sweatshirt series about Construstivism museum in Unit F. She made the hand-made applique instead of the print. It's interesting for people who estimate the high-quality hand-made design.
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