What is Constructivism Museum
in Unit F?
Constructivism museum in Unit F is a local history museum in Ekaterinburg about the architecture and daily routine of 1920-1930s, the period of the enormous development of Ekaterinburg/Sverdlovsk. Museum was opened in November 2017 as a project-winner in the grant competition of Potanin Foundation. We research and show history through stories of architectural projects and people made the capital of constructivism! Along with that, our public lectures cover all the 20th century and introduce you with the history of the architecture and the influence of avant-garde in the modern life!

The Museum is situated in the block one of the House for Gospromural (Uraloblsovnarkhoz) specialists with "type F" apartments (Unif F).

Unit F is a name of the experimental exemplary apartment designed by the team of architects under the leadership of Moisei Ginzburg in the end of 1920s and become source of inspiration for Western architects.
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